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#1 Coach: How to Inspire Children and Youth to Play to the Best of Their Ability

Coaching is my passion! For me, there is no greater joy than watching a player progress and perform to the best of their ability. Whatever their ability may be.

The title of “Coach” is remarkably diverse. The purpose of this book is to advocate that the role of a coach is a powerful position and entails great responsibility. Within this power, I have witnessed and encountered countless stories about coaches in various sports who have single-handedly destroyed, or elevated, a player’s confidence. To my dismay, my findings reveal that toxic coaching prevails. It is time to shift our perspective and change the coaching paradigm!

Children and youth are innocent and impressionable. I am here to tell you that no matter what authority you have in your coaching role, you will have an impact on your athlete’s attitude, performance, and self-esteem. My goal is to engage my readers by expressing my insights and collective experiences so you can identify, or modify, your coaching style to positively affect your players.

Beyond theory and principles, this book will also apply the impacts, outcomes, specific lessons learned, and relatable, real-life scenarios. The fundamentals covered are empathetic to the human condition and can be applied to any sport coached around the world.

My mission is that this book will become a coaching toolkit for anyone who supports or interacts with athletes. Whether that is in the capacity of coach, instructor, leader, teacher, or volunteer with a focus on parents who essentially “coach” their kids daily in every aspect of life.

My vision is to implore you to recognize your own talents and gifts – so you can unleash your personal power – and achieve your highest potential. Because the world needs more constructive coaches who leave an influential footprint on the beautiful souls of our younger generation.

Through my altruism, authenticity, integrity, love, optimism, and transparency, I hope to empower you to transform into an inspirational coach, and ultimately – the best version of yourself – living your best life.

Whether you are a volunteer coach or professional, novice or experienced, regardless of your level, rank, title, gender, race, or nationality – this book applies to any physical activity and will inspire you to better serve your athletes, team, community, and yourself!

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