Difficult Conversations: Why we avoid them and why we need them

Difficult Conversations down with dennel

Do you ever feel like a flake? Making empty promises because your life keeps getting in the way? I feel this way. Often. But I am FINALLY in the right space to proceed on my chosen path.

Here’s what helped…

I have resolved underlying issues in my marriage and with my children that were continuously sucking the life out of me. The learnings from the emotional imbalance this created has been profound.

Next, I had personal issues that were requiring my attention as they were plaguing me, and I needed to release that low-lying energy.

I decided that I needed to formally apologize to two important people in my life.

I needed to send a text terminating my relationship with a toxic person in my life. The relationship no longer had any relevance, and I needed to permanently remove the individual from my life. This was a defining moment, and this absolutely had to take precedence to remove this person’s power over me.

Difficult Conversations with Loved Ones

My partner and I had vulnerable conversations. Some items were difficult to discuss but we dug deep, and got to a place of truth. It was an awakening experience that helped me to see that sometimes my efforts to help people can be off-putting. This interaction inspired me to reach out to a friend and course correct.

My mission is to be raw and real.

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