Armour vs. Acceptance: Dealing with Darkness

Dealing with Darkness down with dennel

The idea of sharing the shit days along with the good is exactly the meaning behind Raw and Real. This is what I want my readers to know. My wish is that people realize we are all connected through human experiences and we are ALL are going through something. ALWAYS.

It is rare that anyone is living a joyous and grateful life EVERY day. Sure, there are days of delight and happiness, but on an ongoing basis this is not realistic. We all stumble, fall, or run from our problems.

Most people build up their armor to protect themselves in fear of the unknown. Over time, that armor gets thicker (for the really hurting people, that armor can be almost indestructible), and their walls built higher and higher, so nothing can penetrate. It is a normal human response to avoid dealing with our shadows and to keep us out of harms way. However, dealing with our darkness and acknowledging our deep-rooted pain is the only way to truly heal and live a healthy and prosperous life.

I have documented many of my experiences in the past few years, some of which I will be sharing here. I know that being transparent is going to be difficult, but in order to help people, I must be authentic and speak my truth.

Honesty and transparency: the cornerstones of this blog.

Dealing with Darkness

What I hope to do is share my shitty days along with my triumphant ones. I do this with full knowledge that my shadow work has led me to begin my healing process. My experiences will help others. That is my vision. That is my purpose.

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