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Hi, I am Dennel!

The first thing that Sharyn, my medium and psychic from Red Deer, said to me the first time I saw her was: You have a very powerful and unique bond with nature, children, and animals. I thought about it for a moment and replied, ok, I believe that I do. She looked deep into my eyes and said, No, you REALLY have a deep connection. She was adamant that this was an unusual and rare connection and she called it something that I have never heard of before. I just googled it and it is called biophilia.

What is the biophilic effect?

The preference for nature has a name: biophilia, which literally means “love of life,” an affinity for living things and the natural world. The “biophilia effect” describes any of a number of positive impacts experienced when this affinity is evoked through a sensory experience of nature: sight, sound, smell, or feel.

Now that I have transformed over the past 16 years since our first meeting, I can wholeheartedly agree with her.  Everything about nature has a powerful affect on me.  It is my center. My balance. My love. My life. I can be so overwhelmed by its beauty that it brings me to tears.  I feel the energy of the plants, trees, rocks, animals, stars, moon, and sun, as well as the elements fire, water, earth, and air. 

I am telling you all this so you are keenly aware of just how connected I am to nature, its power, and the impact it has on my energy and overall well-being, on a daily basis.  

The first picture literally takes my breath away & it is now my screen saver on my phone.  It evoked an explosion of emotions all at once the first time I saw it. It is magical, mysterious, inviting, intriguing, inspiring, uplifting, empowering, and my heart was filled with all of these emotions all at once that I wanted to cry because of its overwhelming beauty. Its powerful energy made me feel like it a living, breathing thing like fire dancing. It is hard to tell that the tracks lead into a tunnel that is engulfed with this yellow light. Needless to say, it moved me 🙂

Most of these images are from Google Chromecast that appear when I turn on our TV in the bedroom before I select what platform I will watch.  That is why the time and temperature is displayed on the bottom right hand side.  I used my camera phone to take pictures of the photos and my phone doesn’t take very good pics.  

I have also included 4 very powerful Gateway of Light Activation Oracle cards that scream Dennel.  The third eye activation card actually changed my life.  It is difficult to see, but there are two paths on the bottom.  I interpreted this as 1 path leads to the top of a mountain that signifies following my truth to freedom, peace, and serenity.  The other path leads down to a small village with only a few bright lights. The realization hit me so hard that it literally took my breath away.  It is up to me to make the decision.  I can stay on the easy path and help a few souls along the way (the village of carbon) or I can make the climb up the mountain where I can connect with my higher power to help everyone beneath me (hence, “down” with dennel).  This is the day that I made the decision to hand in my resignation. All because I bought a new set of oracle cards, and interpreted the underlying meaning.  PS.  This is what I do with almost everything I see, feel, or dream.  I google the spiritual meaning of it and it ALWAYS tells me exactly what I need to know.  

The Inner Earth card is also a significant card that also connects, Down With Dennel.  I interpret the card as a woman’s head on earth, opening up the vast possibilities that connect us to mother earth’s core.  Below her head, inside her heart, is a beautiful path of rock and stone pillars of knowledge leading to a beautiful, serene, inviting bright light of possibilities and curiosity.  The sun illuminates behind her head casting light upon the green grass traveling down her neck into her hearts center.  There are hidden images of birds, wings, feathers, tree branches, divine beings, and musical instruments.  I would say that this card depicts, Down With Dennel in its entirety. 

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